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Smile with Confidence with Whitening For Life

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Many people want the confidence-building and attractiveness of a brighter smile. They also know that they want safe and effective products for their teeth. We have two teeth whitening in Decatur, AL programs at our office for this:

Tray Bleaching

Dr. Betts has researched methods of whitening teeth, and this is the most effective for significantly stained or discolored teeth. Take-home, custom-fitted trays or splints are made into which bleach gel is applied and placed in the mouth for a specified time each day for approximately two weeks. Then, one is automatically enrolled in Whitening For Life.

Whitening For Life

This program is for those who simply want to brighten their smile with a less-intensive program than regular tray bleaching. For a one-time enrollment fee of $99, you will receive bleaching trays and a starting supply of bleach gel. As long as you keep your continuing care appointments, you will then receive an additional syringe of gel each time you visit to touch up your smile.

Call our office today at 256-274-8680 for more information on teeth whitening in Decatur, AL. If you want to schedule an appointment online or have more questions about Whitening For Life or another cosmetic service our practice offers, please use the online form. One of our staff members will contact you soon.


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