Experience Comfortable Root Canals in Decatur

You probably don’t want to think about root canal treatment if your tooth hurts. However, our Decatur root canals can give you welcome relief from the pain of a nagging toothache. Rather than causing you more pain, a root canal will actually help you feel better. With the skilled touch of Dr. Betts, a 30-plus-year dental veteran, many patients report feeling no more discomfort with this procedure than if they were getting a tooth filled. Our root canal therapy can:

  • Stop your dental pain
  • Save your diseased tooth from extraction
  • Make mealtimes enjoyable again
  • Prepare your tooth for a protective crown
  • Prevent damage to your other teeth and gums

Don’t put up with a hurting tooth! Call us today for a same-day emergency appointment: 256-274-8680. We’ll get you in as soon as possible so you can feel better fast. Also, be sure to ask about our Dental Savings Plan to save money on your treatment.

Get Out of Pain With Our Expert Help

If you have a severe toothache, it’s likely that the inner portion of your tooth – known as the pulp – has become diseased. Untreated cavities can eventually spread and reach the pulp, leading to infection and causing you a great deal of pain. Not only will your eating be affected, but the pain could be so intense that you’re unable to sleep.

At this point, Dr. Betts will most likely need to perform root canal treatment on your tooth. We’ll help block pain by effectively administrating a local anesthetic. We also offer laughing gas – which will give you an all-over feeling of lightness and euphoria – and we keep pillows and blankets on hand to help you feel as comfortable as possible.

Dr. Betts will:

  • Clean out the infection inside the tooth
  • Sterilize the tooth with medication
  • Fill the tooth with a rubberlike material to help prevent reinfection

Not only will your pain be gone, but a root canal will save your tooth from extraction. For the best results, we usually recommend capping your tooth with a dental crown at this point. The crown will strengthen the tooth, restore its beauty, and help keep it fully functional by restoring virtually all your chewing power.

Don’t fear root canals in Decatur. Call the pro team at Charles F. Betts, Jr., D.M.D. Family Dentistry today: 256-274-8680. You can also schedule online. We’ll help you feel better soon!