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Up to 60 million Americans experience dental anxiety. If you’re one of them, you’ll be pleased to know about our team’s great reputation for soothing nervous patients. Decatur, AL dentist Dr. Charles Betts has helped countless patients feel comfortable in his nearly 30 years as a dentist, and he can put you more at ease, too.

Overcoming your anxiety will:

  • Enable you to get the regular dental care you need to keep your teeth healthy
  • Address dental problems in their early stages while they are less costly and complicated to fix
  • Allow you to improve aspects of your smile you aren’t satisfied with

Let our compassionate and nonjudgmental staff give you a stress-free experience at the dentist. Call 256-274-8680.

Technology and Inhaled Sedation Keep You Relaxed

Dr. Betts uses technology that keeps your family’s care fast and comfortable. For instance, Spectra cavity detectors during your dental exams help him find decay in its earliest stages with less poking and prodding. And we won’t have to put bulky paper in your mouth for digital X-rays.

Though we numb your mouth with local anesthesia for any procedures where you might experience discomfort, you can also get inhaled sedation if you want it. It is so safe that even your children can receive it. It also takes effect quickly and wears off quickly. You’ll even be able to drive yourself home afterward!

Personal Touches Soothe Your Nerves

We’re happy to personalize your procedure to make your appointment a stress-free experience. For instance, we can schedule a lengthier visit for you if it helps to take it slow. Blankets are available if you feel chilly while in our chair, and we can offer a pillow for additional support.

If you’re ready to overcome your dental anxiety, call 256-274-8680 or use our online form to make an appointment. Our Decatur, AL dentist office is located at 2012 Danville Park Drive SW, a short drive from Decatur Mall.

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