When you are looking for a mechanic to work on your car, you choose a mechanic who has a good track record and also a reputation for being honest. Likewise, it is important to find a dentist that you can trust with both the health and appearance of your smile and the smiles of your loved ones. We go the extra mile to ensure your family is comfortable during their time with us.

Family Dentistry Services

For more than 25 years, Dr. Betts and our team have been providing trusted dentistry to Decatur families, and we would love to serve your family as well. We will partner with your family to teach best dental health practices, prevent problems, and provide healthy smiles for a lifetime. We are proud to offer a family-friendly Dental Savings Plan that can help you save money on treatment without dealing with dental insurance.

Regular Exams and Cleanings – One of the best things you can do for your family’s dental is to schedule regular dental exams and cleanings. Seeing Dr. Betts once every six months will help keep small issues from becoming big problems later on.

Children’s Dentistry – Building good dental habits while your child is young can set them up for success later in life. By teaching them how to take care of their teeth now, we can set them on a course for excellent dental health when they are adults. One of the ways we teach children about good dental care is through our Hands-On Learning Lab. Your child will work one-on-one with a hygienist to do fun projects and learn about their teeth. They can even wear a white coat like Dr. Betts!

Relieving Your Dental Anxiety – One of the biggest reasons people have dental problems is that they are scared to go to the dentist. Dental anxiety is a very real condition, and Dr. Betts is able to help you get past it. We offer gentle treatments, longer appointment times, and nitrous oxide to help you and your family relax and get the care you need. Come see us to find out how we can help you feel better about your trips to the dentist.

Dr. Betts is a dentist you can trust to take care of you and your family in an honest and patient-focused manner. Call our office today at 256-274-8680 to schedule your appointment. You can use our online form as well. One of us will be in touch as soon as we can.


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