Restore Your Teeth & Health With Three Implant Options

Using some of the latest dental technology like digital X-rays, Dr. Parker or Dr. Betts can help determine if teeth implants are right for you. If they are, we’ll refer you to an oral surgeon who will embed the implants in your jaw, coordinating your entire treatment with the specialist. After a brief healing process in which the implants fuse with your bone, Dr. Parker or Dr. Betts will restore the implants with a tooth replacement of your choice.

In addition to their natural feel and function, one of the biggest benefits of dental implants is their versatility. Whether you’re missing a single tooth or an entire mouthful, implants can support your replacement teeth. You can use them with:

  • A Porcelain Dental Crown – This option is used to replace a single tooth. We will match the color to your other teeth so it will look completely natural. You’ll get your smile and virtually all your chewing power back.
  • A Fixed Dental Bridge – A bridge is a good option for replacing several adjacent missing teeth. You’ll feel more confident in public knowing the gap in your smile has been filled in without anyone being the wiser.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures – Your new teeth will securely clip to a bar on top of your implants. They’ll stay firmly in place while you’re wearing them, so you’ll never have to worry about them slipping or coming out and causing you embarrassment.

In addition to being versatile, teeth implants will also help protect the integrity of your jawbone, something that traditional bridges and dentures can’t do. Because implants serve as replacement teeth roots, they will actually stimulate your jaw to keep it healthy and strong.

A healthy jaw means less likelihood of bone deterioration that could potentially cause a sunken appearance to your face. You’ll look younger for longer!

Thanks to their experience with implants, Dr. Parker and Dr. Betts can help you select the restoration option that will best fit your needs and your budget. To find out if you’re a candidate for Decatur dental implants, call 256-274-8680 today. You can also schedule online.