A Versatile Tooth Replacement Option in Decatur

More than 3 million people have dental implants with the number growing by 500,000 a year, according to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Their popularity isn’t surprising, since they offer advantages over traditional tooth replacements like dental bridges and dentures.

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Dental implants:

  • Keep your replacement teeth securely in place, with no embarrassing slippage
  • Replace a single missing tooth, multiple teeth, or even an entire mouthful of teeth
  • Require no modification of healthy teeth
  • Give you a strong bite so you can eat any foods you’d like
  • Stimulate your jawbone to help prevent bone deterioration

Using some of the latest dental technology like digital X-rays, Decatur, AL dentist Dr. Charles Betts can help determine if they are right for you. If they are, he’ll send you to an oral surgeon who embeds implants in your jaw. He and the surgeon will coordinate your treatment plan. After a brief healing process, Dr. Betts restores the implants with a tooth replacement of your choice: a dental crown, dental bridge, or dentures.

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Restore Your Teeth With Three Options

In addition to their natural feel and function, one of the biggest benefits of implants is their versatility. Whether you’re missing a single tooth or an entire mouthful, implants can support your replacement teeth. You can use them with:

  • A porcelain dental crown to replace a single tooth. Dr. Betts will match the color to your other teeth so it will look completely natural.
  • A fixed dental bridge. A bridge is a good option for replacing several adjacent missing teeth.
  • Implant-supported dentures that securely clip to a bar on top of your implants. Like traditional dentures, they can be removed easily for cleaning.

Thanks to his experience with implants, Dr. Betts can help you select the restoration option that will best fit your needs and your budget. To find out if you’re a candidate for dental implants, call 256-274-8680.


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