Keep Your Child’s Smile Healthy by Scheduling Their First Visit at Age 2

Drs Parker and Betts recommend bringing your child for their first dental appointment between ages 2 and 4. At that age, they’ll be old enough to sit up in our dental chair and participate in their treatment with our doctors and friendly hygienists.

It’s a good idea to bring children in when they are well-rested. For many kids, that’s in the morning. You can even bring them in sooner than age 2 to one of your own appointments. That will help get them accustomed to our office and let them meet our staff.

Getting your child accustomed to the dentist means they’ll be less likely to become nervous during dental procedures. If your child is anxious about any procedure, they can get laughing gas. It:

  • Is safe for children as well as adults
  • Takes effect quickly
  • Provides a mild euphoric feeling
  • Wears off quickly with no lingering grogginess

To schedule your child’s first dental visit in Decatur, call 256-274-8680 today. You can also schedule online.