Oral Hygiene Tips & Preventive Care Will Keep Your Family’s Smiles Healthy

The easiest way to treat problems such as cavities and gum disease is to prevent them from occurring. We do that with:

  • An Informed Approach – We emphasize education at River Oaks Dental Care. We believe that if we keep our patients informed, they’ll be able to make wise decisions about their oral health and dental care.
  • Positive Early Dental Experiences – One of our favorite ways of instilling good oral hygiene habits in your youngest family members is by offering a Hands-On Learning Lab. Your children will get to wear white lab coats as they learn the best ways to care for their teeth and see some of our technology like the Spectra cavity detector. Getting your child started early with good oral hygiene will help them maintain healthy smiles for life.
  • Decay Prevention – We use preventive treatments such as fluoride applications and dental sealants as a regular part of dental care for both children and adults. The anti-decay benefits of these treatments are important for all ages. Every patient receives a risk assessment to help determine how susceptible they are to tooth decay. We recommend preventive treatments for those at risk.

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